1. How close are you to a shopping centre
We have Blue Route Shopping Mall and Steenberg Shopping Centre within 3,5 kms

2. Where is the nearest hospital
Tokai Mediclinic 3,5 km and Melomed 4km away

3. Is there a doctor / dentist close by
Yes, there are a team of 6 doctors/physicians who are at Mediclinic, and our dentist, Dr Meyer is 1km from our home

4. What can you do in the area
There is much to do in Tokai / Constantia area
9 wine farms
Many excellent restaurants
Mountain Biking
Walks in the forest – 1km from our home

5. How far are you from the beach
7km to Muizenberg beach (surfing) and the False bay coast

6. How close is the USA Consulate / Embassy
It is within walking distance, 5km but it is a busy road. We can provide a lift a small fee of R50 per trip or you can Uber.

7. Is it safe to walk/run on your own in the forest
Yes, it is in day light hours – there are plenty of people around including cyclist, horse-riders and runners

8. How active is Uber in the area
Very active, Tokai is situated in the southern suburbs, and is very central and accessible to Uber. This option is often cheaper than hiring a car

9. Do you have parking
Yes we do, either in our garage or inside our property next to our gazebo

10. Do you offer tours
Yes, we offer personalised tours where you can make up your own itinerary. We can do as small as 1 person, up to 10 people at a time. Half day and full day tours available, and price is per person

11. Do you rent your entire house for families / friend vacations
Yes we do, we move out
Yes we do, and vacate the premises to free up more space / extra bedrooms / bathrooms etc

12. Do you accept cash / credit card / debit card for extras
Yes, we do

13. What type of security do you have?
Tokai is a very safe area, however as extra protection we have an electric fence on top of our wall and an alarm system which is only activated once guests have gone to bed